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Product installation and operating manuals:

Integrated Back-up Battery System 2 amp-hour

Integrated Back-up Battery System 3 amp-hour

Integrated Back-up Battery System 4 amp-hour

Integrated Back-up Battery System 6 amp-hour


IBBS system application notes: Use with Garmin GTN series

IBBS system application notes- Use with 28 volt systems

Certified version- IBBS-12v-3ah-CRT

Certified version- IBBS-12v-6ah-CRT


Control Valve Servo Kit


Safety-Trim Single Axis Controllers

Safety-Trim Dual Axis Controllers

Safety-Trim HD Model

Safety-Trim autopilot interface


Intelligent Flap Controller


Intelligent Power Stabilizer




Universal Switch Airspeed Kit


Intelligent Lighting Controller


ASW-1 and ASW-2 information



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US Patent 7,719,220 on Safety-Trim and Flap Controller products

US Patent 7,868,478 on IPS product

US Patent 8,198,305 on IBBS products