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SmartStart SS-12v



SmartStart is an electronic control module that controls the operation of the engine starter system.   SmartStart improves the safety and security of push-button or key-switch starting systems by providing an interlocked and time limited operation of the engine starter.  SmartStart controls standard aviation starter contactors and provides simple integration of control stick switch or panel mounted start switches.  SmartStart includes inputs for interlock and arming switches and provides a 1 minute timer for activating the starter contactor and includes an armed LED that indicates when the engine may be started.  The SmartStart system helps avoid unintentional activation of the engine starting system.     The SmartStart system is available with an optional airspeed switch that ensures in flight restarting of the engine may be accomplished at anytime without the need to press the arming button.   

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SS-12v Features and Benefits

1) Hidden arming switch provides improved anti-theft protection

2) Door/canopy interlock provides improved safety

3) 1 minute timer function limits starter actuation time

4) Drives standard aviation start contactor

5) Compatible with standard keyed mag/starter switch

6) Enables Control Stick Start Switch


Installation Manuals

We are proud of our products and our installation manuals, we would like you to take a close look.  Our actual product installation manuals are available here for you to download.  We want you to understand how our products work and how to install them properly.  We are trying to raise the bar on the quality of instruction manuals provided for homebuilt aircraft accessories.

Download the actual product installation manuals :

    Installation Instructions for SmartStart SS-12v


On-line Ordering: 

SmartStart SS-12v            $95    
SmartStart 8ft. Wiring Harness  $65   
Airspeed Switch- ASW-2    40 knot calibrated  $49
SmartStart SS-12v-kit   SmartStart with ASW-2 and harness   $195



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