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TCW Technologies

TCW Technologies provides engineered solutions to the experimental and certified aviation community that improve the overall flying and operating experience in both experimental and certified aircraft.  TCW Tech draws on decades of real-world experience to provide products which are intuitive to use and dramatically improve aircraft safety and performance.  We have an uncommon blend of extensive engineering and hands-on experience.

In fact, as owners of TCW Technologies, we not only provide engineered solutions, but use our products in our own experimental aircraft.  We currently own and fly both a RV-10 and RV-8 airplane.

TCW Technologies holds patents on its Integrated Battery Back-up System (IBBS), Intelligent Power Stabilizer (IPS), and Safety-Trim and Flap Controller products.

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US Patent 8,189,305 on IBBS products
US Patent 7,719,220 on Safety-Trim and Flap Controller products
US Patent 7,868,478 on IPS products