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Control Valve Servo Kit




Description: E:\DCIM\100OLYMP\P3230105.JPG Description: butterfly valve-2

                     Actuator                                       Controller                                   Butterfly valve


Fully proportional linear actuator servo for valves and dampers:


 Ideal for:                Heater flapper doors

                                  Oil cooler control

     Alternate air door

                                  Ventilation dampers


   Download the installation instructions:


Specifications:    Standard kit:    1.2 oz Servo, 2.5 lbs of force, 30 mm travel:

                         Heavy Duty kit: 1.4 oz Servo, 10 lbs of force, 50 mm travel


Kit contents:          linear actuator servo

                                panel mounted controller

                                5 ft. wiring harness


Use Standard kit (30mm travel) with Van's RV heater valves and TCW butterfly valves. 

CVS-12v-kit    standard     $195
CVS-12v-kit-HD   heavy duty   $225


            Butterfly valve for Oil Coolers


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