Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Where are TCW’s products made?

TCW proudly manufactures its products in the USA.  TCW has a modern 7,000 square foot facility in Emmaus, PA (Lehigh County).

Where can I purchase TCW products?

All of our products can be purchased directly from our website.  In addition, our products can be purchased from select distributors, such as SteinAir, Vans Aircraft Inc., Aerotronics, Stark Avionics, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., and Pacific Coast Avionics Corporation. 

I’m not sure which product fits my application, where do I go for assistance?

We would be happy to speak to you about your application and requirements.  You can reach us at or (610) 928-3420.  We can help you select the right product to meet your needs.

Integrated Back-up Battery Systems (IBBS)

Which product should I use to connect a communication radio to my back-up system?

We recommend using the 12-volt, 6 amp-hour IBBS (Model # IBBS-12V-6AH) for applications with communication radios.  Communication radios require significant current during a transmit event and the 6 amp-hour Integrated Back-up Battery System has the highest peak current capability.

Why should I connect the pass-thru inputs on my IBBS system even though my connected equipment has multiple power inputs?

The pass-thru feature provides redundant power inputs to the protected equipment.  In the event of failure of the main power connections to the protected equipment, the pass-thru power feature would provide uninterrupted power and keep the equipment running.

Where should I mount my IBBS system in the aircraft?

The IBBS can be mounted anywhere in the aircraft except the firewall forward.   Any orientation is permitted.

Can I put my electronic ignition system on the same IBBS as used for my EFIS system?

We recommend separating the engine functions and the flight instrument functions so that each has their own IBBS system.

Can I create an essential bus powered from the output of the IBBS system?

Yes, you may bus together all four outputs of the IBBS system and use them to provide back-up power to a group of devices; however, be sure to comply with the maximum continuous and peak current specification of the IBBS system.    To do this, simply sum together all the equipment current and ensure it is less than the IBBS ratings.

Safety-Trim Products

Can the Safety-Trim controller be connected to an autopilot?

The Safety-trim controller can be connected to many autopilots.  It provides the manual trim function and the autopilot provides the auto-trim function.

Which Safety-Trim controller do I use to drive trim motors that exceed 1 amp from a Garmin or Dynon autopilot system?

The Safety-Trim models used to drive larger trim motors from the signal from an autopilot system are:   ST-1-12V-10A-BSTR for 14-volt applications and ST-1-24V-10A-BSTR for 28-volt applications.

Can I use the same airspeed switch to signal a Safety-Trim and Flap Controller?

Yes – just connect the wire from each controller together to a single airspeed switch such as our Airspeed switch 55-140 knots (Model # ASW-1).

Intelligent Flap Controller

Does the Intelligent Flap Controller (IFC-10) support flap positioning presets?

Yes, you can set as many position presets as you want.

The Intelligent Flap Controller (IFC-10) doesn’t require a position feedback sensor, how does it do position presets without one?

The IFC-10 uses timed intervals to set each preset value.  The time between each interval is settable by a trim-pot on the side of the controller.

Control Valve Servo Kit

Which Servo kit do I use with the TCW butterfly valves?

The standard duty kit with 30mm travel is used with both the 3” & 4” Butterfly valves.

Is there a way to monitor the position of the servo?

The position of servo is directly related to the position of the knob on the controller, the line on the knob can be aligned with markings on the instrument panel.

Is there a way to reverse the direction of the servo motion with respect to the rotation of the knob on the controller?

Simply disconnect the black 5-wire connector from the servo motor and flip it over and reconnect.  It is non-polarized so the direction of servo travel is set by the connector mating direction.

Do I need other couplings or fittings to join the butterfly valves to scat tubing?

No, the butterfly valves are swaged out on one end to mate up with a tube fitting and the other end fits inside scat tubing. For example: the 4” butterfly valve has a 4” O.D. on scat tube end and 4” I.D. on the fitting end.

Universal Switch Airspeed Kit (USW-1) and Airspeed Switches

Can I just use an Airspeed Switch to control an electrical load?

No, the ASW-1 & ASW-2 are signal level switches and can only switch about 15 milliamps. They are not intended for switching of load current, rather, they are used to signal a relay such as the USW-1.

Is the Airspeed Switch (ASW-1 & ASW-2) open or closed below the airspeed set-point?

The airspeed switch is open below the setpoint.

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