Universal Switch-Airspeed Kit


The Universal Switch – Airspeed Kit (USW-1) allows the control of electrical loads based on airspeed, at either below or above an airspeed set point. The kit includes an ASW-1 airspeed switch and a Universal Switch-SPDT controller. This combination of components allows for the switching of electrical loads up to 10 amps and up to 30 volts based on aircraft speed. 


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Product Description

Universal Switch – Airspeed Kit (USW-1) allows the control of electrical loads based on airspeed.  The airspeed set point is factory calibrated to 100 knots, however, it may be field adjusted to switch at any speed between 55 and 140 knots.  The Universal Switch-SPDT controller provides both a normally open and a normally closed contact for controlling any electrical load up to 10 amps.   This allows electrical loads to either be on or off, above or below the airspeed set point.  The system works with aircraft power systems from 10-30 volts.

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 in

Universal Switch – Airspeed Kit




Related Voltage:

10 – 30 volts DC

Output Switch:

10 amps rated


Airspeed switch is a closure to ground


SPDT, 1 normal-open, 1 normal-closed


Mil-spec wire
Input connections:  8 ft. 22 awg
Output connections:  4 ft. 16 awg


Overall dimensions 1.5” x 1.25” x 0.8”
UL 94V-0 rated material, 60° C max temp


1 oz.

Compatible with all Safety-Trim products and may share the same Airspeed Switch (ASW-1)
For Experimental Aircraft ONLY, not TSO’d

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